Laboratory equipment for Viscosity Measurement


About this guide

This On-Line Sales and Technical Guide is to try to bridge the gap between Sales Catalogue and a Technical Manual to help you choose the right viscometer for your requirements.

The contents of this guide includes:

  1. Advice on selecting appropriate viscometer
  2. A wide range of viscometer applications
  3. Recommended practice for calibration of Rotary viscometers
  4. Recommended practice for calibration of flow cups
  5. Recommended practice for the calibration of the Cone and Plate
  6. Formula for flow cups including BS 3900 (1971) ISO/DIN Ford ASTM D1200
  7. All calibration oils supplied are traceable to National Bureau of Standards NIST and have a accuracy of + – 0.2%

We hope you find this on-line guide useful but if you have any questions or if you would like to see additional information in future additions, please contact us.

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