Laboratory equipment for Viscosity Measurement

Automatic Heating Abrasion Tester


BEVS 1307 is suitable for testing the wear resistance and scratch resistance of various coatings, like plastics, leather, ceramics and others. According to the test requirements, different grinding heads are used to test the tested materials. For example, the non-stick pan is heated and the non-stick coating is tested at a certain temperature.


Technical Specification:

Control: touch screen, user-friendly design

Heating temperature: ambient – 450 °C

Stroke length: 30mm, 60mm, 90mm

Cycle: 20 – 190 times/minute

Weight: 250 – 1500g (250g increments)

Abrasion tool: purchase according to test requirements

Number of tests: 1 – 99999

Sample specifications: square test specimen: (180 – 500) x (180 – 360) mm, height 0.5 – 150mm

Round test specimen: Ø180 – Ø360mm, height 0.5 – 150mm

Power: no heating: 35W, heating: 1500W

Voltage: 200 – 250V / 100 – 120V

Ordering Information:

BEVS 1307 Automatic Heating Abrasion Tester