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Electric Pencil Hardness Tester

BEVS 1309 Electric Pencil Hardness Tester is designed to overcome the traditional pencil hardness tester’s limits, which are reproducibility and repeatability. The uniformity of the carriage speed and the variation of the applied force by the user are the key factors for the pencil hardness test.

The tester is with a built-in motor to drive the unit which can keep a constant and uniform speed across the coated panels. Free set weight scale ranging 500-1000g, positioning button and internal levelling bubble ensure the unit use easily and is of high accuracy.

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                               Electric Pencil Hardness Tester


Adjust weight of pencil tip from 500 to 1000g manually

With level bubble to indicate current horizontal state of tester


Technical Specification


Dimension: 205 × 65 × 75mm (length × width × height)

Instrument net weight: 2200g

Pressure of pencil tip: 500-1000g, stepless adjustment

Test speed: 0.5 – 8 mm/s, stepless adjustment

Power supply: 100-230V, power bank, computer USB port

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BEVS 1309 Electric Pencil Hardness Tester